Toppen Hits



Toppen Hits is a collective show put together by curator Juha-Heikki Tihinen, of works by artists who have exhibited either at Elverket or Sinne, or both. The exhibition as whole, which comments on temporality, will change regularly, encouraging viewers to consider how an exhibition experience can differ between visits, and how previous experiences affect both people’s responses to art and their visits to an exhibition. How do exhibition experiences accumulate and interleave with each other, and what makes a work look different depending on the day and the context? Toppen Hits investigates this phenomenon by altering and amplifying the flow of time. The exhibition, and the works in it, will change over the autumn. The shifts in the seasons will further transform the setting for the works sited outside Elverket. Thus, time will form a key part of our sensory and experiential world. The exhibition includes pieces in which time is integral to the work as a material, as it is in videos. Other pieces will concretely change shape or position in the exhibition.

Exhibition artists:

Richard Ahlqvist, Jenni Eskola, Emma Helle, Essi Kausalainen, Ida Koitila, Carolin Koss,
Marcus Lerviks, Petra Lindholm, Carl Sebastian Lindberg, Kasper Muttonen, Hanna
Saarikoski, Pia Sirén and Jenni Tieaho.

Opening hours at Elverket: Tue–Fri 13–17, Sat–Sun 11–17