We have collected


All of us save something. Some do it more committed than others and in some cases we begin to talk about a collection. There are different types of collections, private and public.
What happens when the private and the public switch places? When the private collection’s treasures end up in a gallery open to the public or works from a public collection come to visit the private home?
In the exhibition We have collected  people from Ekenäs were offered the opportunity to let parts of their collections move into Gallery Elverket for five weeks to meet and interact with objects and art from other homes. Curator and Light Artist Mikko Hynninen builds something playful and suprising out of the private collection and art object. Is there a tension or a harmony between the art of the people from Ekenäs?
As a reply to the dialogue between the private and the public some people in Ekenäs have decided to welcome art from Pro Artibus Foundation collection and at the same time open up their homes for the audience. What happens when an outside expert selects and places art in a private room? Will it disturb the order or create interesting dialogues with the environment? Will it upsets or create new ideas and reflections on art?
Come and experience We have collected in Elverket  11.4-16.5, and in some homes around Ekenäs 11.-12.4 and / or 16-17.5.

We have collected | Elverket


Kaivokatu 8, Båssatie 14 A 8, Viherlehdonkatu 9, Humalistontie 12, Koivuniemenkatu 35 B 10.

GUIDED TOURS of the exhibition and homes starts from Elverket on SATURDAY and SUNDAY at 12.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS in homes on saturday and sunday at 13-15: Petra Lindholm, Hanne Ivars, Axel Antas, Nanna Söderström.